MISSION AND OUTREACH PROJECT – BROOM FOREST IN MALAWI: Deforestation in Africa is one of the greatest issues facing Malawians. Communities have traditionally cut down trees to use and sell as firewood and to create charcoal. The loss of indigenous forests causes less rain, hotter climates and soil erosion. The ensuing drought brings famine, poverty and starvation. We are delighted to be working with the Mtende Project in creating the Broom Forest in Malawi. We will provide a village with the funds to buy quick growing, exotic trees that they can use like a crop. The Mtende Project will work with the village, providing the education, resources and skills needed to establish the new tree nursery, and conserve their existing trees. We will also be helping the village to buy new cooking pots which will significantly reduce the amount of wood they need to burn every day. We hope that you will continue to donate any spare pennies you might have into the ‘collecting loo’ in the vestibule. We know that money doesn’t grow on trees, but your small change will help us grow lots of new ones in Malawi.


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