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Dear Reader

Everyone by now will be very well aware of the disruptive global impact of the Coronavirus and sadly for some the reality and pain of losing a loved one.

Whilst we are surrounded by situations hitherto never encountered before, we can take great comfort from the valiant efforts of Government and all agencies and individuals who seek to do something good for others.

Many closures of all types will have impacted adversely on individuals and groups who depend on social contact, especially where relatives and other family members are few and far between.

Although our Church Services have ceased and all our premises here at Broom will be closed from midday on Friday 20th March until further notice our care and concern, however, does not cease and in a variety of ways we will be seeking to support our congregation and parish.

It will be, for sure, a time for imaginative thinking as many activities will be curtailed, so combating isolation will be a major factor in our situations.

We have very much in our thoughts and prayers all those in the medical and caring profession.   We remember in our prayers too those currently suffering the effects of isolation and the fear and uncertainty of what lies ahead. The world has known many tragedies and at this time there is thankfully a united international effort which reaches beyond creed, colour and political persuasion to manage the situation and find a vaccine.

I do hope that everyone will find in these difficult situations the means and support to enable life to continue as ‘normal’ as possible.

I look forward to getting back to our usual routines as soon as possible. I will periodically post some other messages in the coming weeks.

Please feel free to contact me via our Church Office, 639 3528. The Office will be closed but messages will be retrieved.

With my sincere best wishes.

Revd James Boag


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