I thought I would provide you all with an update on our charity as it has been sometime since I have been able to meet you in person at church activities.The last year has been difficult for most charities as they have been unable to hold fundraising events.We managed to keep our projects ticking over and then we organised a charity walk in Rouken Glen park on 4th October and raised over £2000 which was an amazing response and this allowed us to help so many people in various ways.

As you may know, Broom Church has a project within our charity to plant trees and build fuel efficient stoves in Ehlekweni which is an area around 20 kms outside Ekwendeni, Malawi.At the end of 2019 we planted 1000 eucalyptus trees in the area we call Broom Forest plus 80 fruit trees beside various schools and nurseries.We decided to provide our own funds to plant a further 1000 trees at the beginning of January as they need to be planted in the rainy season and we didn’t want to fall a year behind in our plans.The photos below are the trees planted last year and the new saplings planted this year.

We completed building a nursery at Emazinyeni, renovated the nursery in Ng’ongo and provided mats.In the summer we started a porridge programme at our 2 nurseries and the children receive a cup of maize porridge every day.When the schools were closed due to covid, we continued feeding the children and many school age children also came for porridge as they were hungry.This programme is funded by a retired pastor from West Virginia, USA.We held a Christmas party at both nurseries and the children received chicken, rice, vegetables and a lollipop.

We have 42 sponsored students at Ekwendeni Community Day Secondary School and we recently received school reports.Some are excelling and others are not doing so well. We give them what they need and encourage them to work hard. We have to remember that they have many challenges, some walk at least 2 hours to get to school.

We have provided over 2000 notebooks, pens and pencils to primary and secondary school pupils together with face masks and sanitary pads made by our tailor, Sarah. Food packs have been given to 200 needy, elderly people together with 2 tonnes of maize for 100 families.

We repaired 4 shallow wells which had been broken for at least 5 years and the people were getting their water from the river.Hopefully this will make a difference to their general health.We have provided cement for washing stations to be built beside 3 of these wells to make it easier for them to wash their clothes.

We are still sending items by container and at the moment we have over 70 boxes in the store which will be shipped on 5th March.This is the first container to be sent since July 2020.

We had a Christmas project where 18 people bought a pig for a needy person in Malawi who will breed the pig and sell the piglets. This is also a pass on programme. The second photo is a pig bought the year before and she had 4 piglets last year, one was passed on to someone else.

We have 2 new projects this year, one is to buy desks for 2 primary schools as the children all sit on the floor, even children of age 15/16 who are in standard 8.Each desk will seat 3 students and they cost £38 each. We currently have funds for 21 and we have a carpenter in Ekwendeni making them.

Our longer term project is to raise money to build a bridge over the river near St Michael’s primary school as everyone has to wade through the river in the rainy season and some people have drowned over the years.We are hoping that fundraisers will be able to take place this year to raise the total of £5500. The fund currently stands at £1000.


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