Sunday 22nd March Message

Sunday 22nd March Message

A thought for today.

Exodus 16 verse 4 and following finds the Israelites in the wilderness. They asked for bread and the Lord provided manna. Each was to gather enough for the day and no more.

In our present crisis, for that’s what it is ,we are all tempted to gather much more than we need, so much so that some people have to go without. Human nature is by its very nature self orientated. The need to survive is a very a powerful drive.

Moses and the Israelites battled with their own human frailty as God led them through the wilderness. God will lead us through this time of uncertainty and trial.Our wilderness.

Jesus taught ‘ Give us this day our daily bread’ We do however?stockpile much more than we need, so I ask what does the Lord’s prayer mean for us today? A prayer we say together in church each week. Perhaps in saying the Lord’s prayer each day will remind us and help us focus on our need to take each day as a gift to be lived and treasured.

I am asking you to think on this.

I will keep in touch with you as best I can

My thought for the day.



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