Car Park – Notice to the Congregation

Car Park - Notice to the Congregation

Notice to the Congregation and other Users of Broom Church Buildings

In the interest of safety to all Users of Broom Church buildings the Kirk Session has agreed to implement a one way system to the car parks which will be introduced in mid July.

The entrance/exit on Broom Road East is wide enough to form an in/out driveway and drivers arriving will be directed to the left indicated by standard public road signs and arrows through the left hand Car Park No 1 in front of the church.

Those preferring Car Park 2, in front of the Columba Hall, will drive through Car Park 1, crossover the main drive way to access Car Park 2. Normal road traffic regulations will apply with traffic exiting Car Park 2 giving way to traffic from the right before exiting by the main driveway.

This will make the car park safer and has the benefit that parking will be easier and faster for everyone. The exception to this guidance is that funerals, weddings, emergency services, church staff and refuse lorries are permitted to drive up the main carriageway.

At this stage physical measures such as road humps are not proposed. However, to ensure that the system works smoothly everyone should obey signs, drive slowly and responsibly.

Issued with the agreement of the Kirk Session – July 2018


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